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I'm Timothy Laurel Harrison

............... and I'm a girl......................

I'm a Meisner Trained Actor based in NYC.

I've been on shows that have aired on the Travel, History, Discovery ID Channel,

and the Lifetime Movie Network Channel.

On Netflix, I can be seen using my sign language skills in the Award-winning movie, "Out of My Hand."

I'm your typical tough, brilliant, and more than slightly terrifying female character in a red leather dress...

I'm kind of a Drama Junkie, I've studied at:

AADA, Gene Frankel, HB Studios, UCB, William Esper, Terry Knickerbocker, Bruce McCarty, Olympia Dukakis, Janet Zarish, and Harry O'Reilly.

I am also on a ton of other networks such as:

Check out My Video Reels

And Enjoy!